Hello friends, have a good monday. I hope the first day of the week will be good. Along the days we took a breath for the bus adventures. Also today, i thought that i should share the evidence i experienced. the comments are yours. You know that starting the monday with a syndrome again and again every week may makes most of us feel bad and low our mood. some goes to school, some take their children to the school, some start to work to gain the money, some watch the people starting the first day of the week on having breakfast on their balcony. today, we also start a day like that. If you ask me how, for me, everyday is the same. because no weekend. oooow 7 days are the on weekdays . its awesome. nevermind, I arrived to the transit station to go to my work. people are like a zombie, bleary-eyed. the number 75 is seen on the horizon with this zombie waiting, wiggly. number 75 is coming as if it doesnt want to start the monday.the race of gettin on the bus as first is becoming intense on mondays. thinking that if we find an empty place, we can sleep. generally it’s impossible but today there was a place for 2 and the first arriving gained. I passed to the back and standing again. the vehicle moved from the station. we were going with the number 75 unwillingly and with a syndrome. but there was a person that very different from the others. as if in a room, he, his phone and earphones. as if this brother isolated himself from the bus, and the passengers but this isolation makes everybody look at him like “yes this boy is here, today is monday ” why this boy like that? I wonder if he had any obstacle. or may he be misunderstand the way “start the day with a smile”. It is unknown but this boy was laugh loudly like a car horn:D 😀 what is he watchin on his phone in the morning… as if saying that the person at the back hear me…the older person next to him “your sleeping in your home is enough, wake up”…he make the inside of the bus fullfill with his laughing loudly and make everybody looked at him. this laughing passed until 2nd station to the last. what i mean that, well done brother! you take the unstarted work tiredness away for everybody. and im saying that monday,hello welcome!I want allowance from you. take care of yourself. have a nice week.

TRANSLATION-English teacher-Aslı Cimitoğlu

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